Gjekstad & Østerøya IF won Norway Cup n class Z C

Friday morning we witnessed an entertaining and close game in the final of class Z C at Ekebergsletta.

Despite some rain, it was a great atmosphere at the main pitch at Ekeberg when Gjekstad & Østerøya IF from Vestfold played Fjellhamar from Akershus in the final of class Z C. The first minutes of the game started off without any big chances for any of the team, but the quick player Ole Marius Andersen from Gjekstad & Østerøyas was the first to score after about three minutes. 1-0 to the team dressed in purple.


Fjellhamar had a few great shots on target, but Ole Marius Andersen from Gjekstad & Østerøya scored again after eight minutes, 2-0. In the 13th minute Fjellhamar got a corner kick and finally got their goal, 2-1.

Ole Marius Andersen fra Gjekstad & Østerøya IF scoret lagets begge mål i finalen
Ole Marius Andersen from Gjekstad & Østerøya IF scored two goals in the final.

Second half turned out to be a close game. Both teams had several chances and shots on target, but none of the teams managed to score any goals. The referee blew his whistle and Gjekstad & Østerøya IF raised their hands and celerated their victory in this years Norway Cup.

Match stats:

Final klass: Z C

Gjekstad & Østerøya IF – Fjellhamar 2-1 (2-1)

Goals: 1-0 Ole Marius Andersen, 2-0 Ole Marius Andersen, 2-1 Fjellhamar.

Yellow card: None

Referee: Walter Lyngwa (Begby IL/Østfold)

Gjekstad & Østerøya IF:

Vidar Skaug, Martin Østbu, Ingeborg Sandgolt, Marius Olfason, Magne Terkelson, Ole Marius Andersen, Daniel Monsen, Kjetil Egge, Bjørn Hvitsten, Linda Tinnesand, Tom Ovesen


Jihad Zbib, Camilla Melgaard, Silje Wickstrøm Karlsen, Gerard Niesthoven, Nina Pedersen, Bjørn Walther Bomann, Nina Fjelstad, Marthe Engen, Stig Ensby, Maresa Nordeng, Lasse Moen, Tina Landaas, Morten R. Pedersen, Kim Rune Spigseth, Ole Jørgen Foss.