From Norway Cup to Mourinho

Taking part in Norway Cup can help you achieve your dreams. For Mohammad Dajani it led him to studying sports and ending up with Josè Mourinho as a lecturer. It all started in 2005, when Mohammad came to Norway Cup from Palestine, Jerusalem, as one of the many teams and players that Fuad Timraz has taken to Norway.

Mohammad says: “To me, Norway Cup was a special experience, where I learned something new every day. I learnt about everything from player culture to hygiene and cleanliness in the streets and I went back to Palestine with a lot of impressions.

“After a football injury I got a few years later, I had to drop my football career, which was not easy. For a young boy who loved football and who spent much of his time on this sport there had to be a solution. Since I could not play myself, I chose to be a coach for youths, which I loved and I got to still be close to what I loved the most –  football. ”

In 2014, Mohammad got the chance to return to Norway Cup as a coach for youths who was given the opportunity to have the same experience as Mohammad himself had as a youngster.  While in Oslo, he saw how much football meant for him and how good our football culture is in Norway. He therefore decided to apply for a Master’s degree in Norway – where he ended up studying the Master of Exercise Physiology at NTNU in Trondheim.

Mohammad credits taking part in Norway, his football injury and his studies for where he is now – doing a master’s degree at the University of Lisbon. And to make it even better – one of his lecturers is no other than Manchester United coach – Josè Mourinho!

Mohammad adds: “Everything has a beginning to succeed or achieve your goals, for me this was Norway Cup. And I hope that other children and coaches can achieve the same and take advantage of the opportunity Norway Cup gives you in the same way as I did.”