From Eurovision to Norway Cup

JOWST took Norway by storm with the song “Grab the Moment” in 2017 and won the chance to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest. And now he’s ready for Norway Cup.

Along with Aleksander Walmann, Joakim With Steen (JOWST) convinced the Norwegian people to crown them the winner of Norway’s national Eurovision song contest in Oslo Spektrum.

After the victory, JOWST and Aleksander have traveled around Europe, and have performed in England, the Netherlands, Latvia, Israel and finally in Ukraine during the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), where JOWST reached the final and played for over 186 million viewers worldwide. JOWST eventually got a solid top 10 position, and has rounded 11 million plays on Spotify with “Grab The Moment”.

JOWST is a new and very exciting Norwegian producer and artist who is ready to show the world his musical talent. With his distinctive mask and live show, JOWST is an artist who engages and inspires both a young and adult audience. This is promising to be an amazing show for our participants.