– I’m out for at least two months. It sucks, says unfortunate Omar to Norwaycup.no.

He stands on the sidelines with crutches and cheering for his teammates fighting for their first win in the Cup, towards Kringlebotn. The match against Lyn ended 2-2. LA Premier led 1-0 to break, and the second round was very exciting. The struggle went a little back and forth, but the Americans had a slightly overtaking.

But then Kringlebotn came to a giant chance that was saved. However, the return was stuck in the grid. And it ended 1-1.

– It’s our second draw, and I think we deserved to win. We still have a hope and an ambition to move on to the A-finals, said Omar.

He is the team’s only true forward and is used to kicking in goals.

– We have others who score goals too, but it really sucks to stand and watch, and not be able to help out on the pitch, he says.

Los Angeles Premier FC belongs to the Pasadena district of LA, and players on the team come from all over the city. Some spend several hours on getting back and forth to practice.

– We have been playing together for three years. The goal is to play college football and try to become a professional player, says Omar

It was a tuff match, that ended 1-1. Photo: Iben Carnhed

In the United States, club football takes place until you`re 19, and by then you need to switch to college soccer or a professional league. Omar has an ambition to join a team in the Mexican league.

– That would be very cool, he says.

Even though football is number one, the Americans clearly want the full experience of Norway Cup and Oslo. They have been sightseeing in downtown Oslo, visiting the castle and going to the Fram Museum and watching the Viking ships.

– Right now it feels hard that I cannot play, but it’s still a great experience to come here and it’s fun to experience something new, says Omar.


Photo: Nora Julianne Soot

Text/photo: Carina Alice Bredesen
Photo: Iben Carnhed og Nora Julianne Soot
Translated by: Andrea Smedsrud Gammelgård and Iben Carnhed

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