Final, class P: Kolbotn’s great comeback

Hamna IL got an early lead with Hanna Helin Ates. This opened up a lot of room in both directions and Kolbotn exploited the opportunity the best ability. The equalizer came from Mia Tuft Andersen.
Kolbotn continued to fight, and they managed to battle through a goal from Una Lykke Alfredsen. Hamna’s goalkeeper Mille Mathisen soon was forced to make another great save, which went resulted in a corner. On the same corner Kolbotn scored with Selma Bakken.
Hamna tried to fight their way back into the game, but Hermine Sæther, Guro Møller and Emma Nicoline Nordstrom Larsen had other plans. They scored a goal each, and the match ended with a six to one victory for Kolbotn.
Match Report
Kolbotn IL 2-Hamna IL 1-6 (1 -3)
Goal Scorers: 0-1 (Hanna Helin Ates), 1-1 (Mia Tuft Andersen), 1-2 (Una Lykke Alfredsen), 1-3 (Selma Bakken), 1-4 (Hermine Sæther), 1-5 (Guro Møller), 1-6 (Emma Nicoline Nordstrøm Larsen).
Referee: Alexei Terekhov (Slemmestad IF – Buskerud fotballkrets) and Mads André Aune (Rælingen – Akershus fotballkrets)
Kolbotn IL 2:
Andrea Møller
Selma Bakken
Hermine Sæther
Marlene Ringnes-Hagen
Guro Møller
Mia Tuft Andersen
Pernille Wirak
Una Lykke Alfredsen
Marlene Röber
Vilde Dolonene Rømo
Emma Taraldset Inderberg
Emma Nicoline Nordstrøm Larsen
Hamna IL:
Mille Mathisen
Maja Ulriksen
Frida Isaksen
Synne Kvernberg
Hanna Helin Ates
Susanne Mortensen
Henriette Blomstereng
Ingrid Stenersen
Emma Isaksen
Text: Sigurd Goffèng-Bjerke
Photo: Arne Olsen