Final in class W: Goals galore for Bryne

There was an intense match between Bryne FK and Trygg/Lade SK on the field today. Bryne had the upper hand from the very beginning, and the ball went into the opponents’ net several times in a short time period. Trygg were able to pick up the pace in the second half with a fantastic goal by Sofie Iselin Aalberg near the end of the game. This was unfortunately far from enough to secure a spot as champions, and Bryne won 10-1.


Kl. 16:15: Finale i klasse W, J19 7-er. Bane 1A EK7, play time 2 x 30 min.

Final class: W

Bryne FK – Trygg /Lade SK  10-1

Målscorere: 1-0 (Bryne), 2-0 (Bryne), 3-0 (Bryne), 4-0 (Karina Fløysvik Hæåk), 5-0 (Thea Daltveit), 6-0 (Oline Øfsteng), 7-0 (Kari Rasdal Vik), 8-0 (Oline Øfsteng), 9-0 (Oline Øfsteng), 10-0 (Karina Fløysvik Hæåk), 1-10 (Sofie Iselin Aalberg)

Referee: Manuel Does Santos (Hannover, Germany)

4. official: Andreas Bonde Thornes (Kalundbborg, Denmark)

Bryne FK:

Julie Sel Herikstad

Ane Siqveland Kalheim

Live Sel

Thea Daltveit

Oline Øfsteng

Kari Rasdal Vik

Karina Fløysvik Hæåk

Marita Høyland Husebø

Maria Hinnaland

Live Solheim Opstad

Hovedtrener: Jørn Gabrielsen

Trygg / Lade SK:

Jenny Lorck Bjørgen

Ingrid-Elise Humborstad

Hedda Jørum Nesmo

Tuva Prestmo Kvithyld

Mia Finserås Bretun

Karoline Danielsen Selnæs

Sofie Iselin Aalberg

Marianne Aas

Kristina Dragsnes

Award presenters: Terje Lund (Lead on the NC board) og Bjørn Tore Lie (Honoary member and og previous leader on the NC board)


Photo: Arne Olsen

Text: Kjersti Hattrem