Final class U: Match winner in the final second

Janine Victoria Mikkelsen had the uppertunity of a life time to become the hero for Ullensaker/Kisa in the final of group U Friday. The score was 1-1, and full time was close. All alone by the back post, the goal keeper was by the other one, she missed the ball, and nothing happened.

However, Janine got another chance. With just one second left, she got the ball in nearly the exact same position – and this time she made sure to put the ball in the net. And her team mates in Ullensaker/Kisa went wild.

– It felt amazing to score that goal, Janine said happily.

She was really frustrated with herself after the miss.

– I was sure we were going to go into extra time and penalty shoot out, witch I rather would like to skip, Janine said.

The Ullensaker/Kisa girls took an early lead against Saltdalskameratene Friday. And with the exception of the middle part of the first half, they controlled the game. The girls created a lot of great opportunities, including hitting the post a couple of times, but seemed unable to score another goal.

Instead it was Saltdalskameratene, a team witch entered the finals with an impressive goal rate of 78-1, who evened the score. Signed captain Oda Martine Bangfil after a corner kick. That was, however, their only goal in the class U final.

Janine, the match winner, is really pleased with her team mates.

– We have accomplished so much in such a short time, I am so proud, Janine said.

The girls came to Norway Cup with a bronze medal from Dana Cup (Denmark).

Finale class U (girls 15/16, seven)
Ullensaker/Kisa – Saltdalskameratene 2-1 (1-0)
Goals: 1-0 Ull/Kisa, 1-1 Oda Martine Bangfil, 2-1 Janine Victoria Mikkelsen
Cards: none
Referee: Martin Akervold (Kalandseid), 4. official: Jørn Willy Andersen (Rolvsøy)
Man of the match: Emma Nesdal Slinning (Ull/Kisa)

Ullensaker/Kisa: Andrea Christensen, Camilla Kleven, Silje Thorkildsen, Emma Nesdal Slinning, Helene Williams, Iselin Nøvik, Janine Victoria Mikkelsen, Malin Siren Andersen, Lotte Parmegiani Årseth, Åste Aasdalen Sundby, Thale Listerud, Sarah Flatlandsmo. Trener/lagledere: Alexander Ebbestad, Thomas Schou, Lasse Magnussen, Jan-Roy Williams

Saltdalskameratene: Mia Persdatter Oseng, Marthe Testad, Eva Madsen Aaøyen, Synnøve Tollånes, Guro Alsos, Vilde Guttorm, Thea Testad, Lene Bødker, Oda Martine Bangfil, Nora Almendingen. Trener/lagledere: Morten Bangfil, Ketil Jensen, Frans Almendingen