Final class Q17: Lyn won 3-0

The final match in the next to oldest girls group never managed to get too excting. Lyn had an excellent start, which resulted in 1-0 only minutes into the first half. Jenny Røsholm Olsen was the goal scorer from the Oslo girls. Thereafter Lyn received a corner. A defense player from Bøes tried to clear the situation but managed instead to score in his own net resulting in 2-0 to Lyn.

Despite heavy rain the teams tried their best to keep the ball on the ground. However, there were minimal of chances and it was Lyn who had the upper hand during the first half of the game. Røsholm Olsen received a rare long pass from a short Lyn team and chased towards Bønes goal, surrounded by three opponents. The slippery conditions on the ground worked against Bønes defense players and this once again resulted in a self goal. This was the situation at the end of the first half.

During the second half the Bønes girls were more involved and there were more opportunities on the field. Though these actions did not result in any more goals, the audience had more to feast their eyes on. Lyns Camilla Linberg showed off some challenging and fun tricks, which received  lot of cheer from the audience.

Final class Q17 (J17, eleven)
Lyn – Bønes 3-0 (3-0)
Goals: 1-0 Jenny Røsholm Olsen, 2-0 self goal, 3-0 self goal
Yellow card: none

Referees: Snezhana Ilievska (Macedonia), Caroline Klippenvåg Torgersen (Kolbotn), Timo Eravouri (Finland), Codrin Pop (Romania)

Lyn: Mari Refsnes Hasselknippe, Mari Floor Brenden, Adele Torvik Nilsen, Margrethe Stenvåg, Mathia Selinger, Anna Palm, Selma Hernes, Hedda Foslie, Emilie Bølviken, Ingvild Flinstad Harbo, Jenny Røsholm Olsen, Eline Bjørmark, Camilla Linberg, Sofie Fagereng, Marie Almlien, Bjørnhild Wilhelmsen, Sara Heggedal, Mathilde Sletner. Trener/lagledere: Fredrik Roberg, Fredrik Bjørnskau, Glenn Kleven, Kim Martinsen, Martin Hasselknippe

Bønes: Sara Skarstein, Helene Utheim, Edith Skår, Leila Nasab, Malene Møll, Vilde Brandshaug, Lise Ulleland, Hanna Haugen, Linea Muller, Kristina Brudvik, Tiril Wiig, Maiken Frønsdal, Ingrid Muri Pettersen, Live Utheim, Susanne Sandtorv Hell, Ingrid Slora, Lea Søvik, Sara Soltvedt, Oda Lamo, Camilla Klungland. Trener/lagleder: Ole Bjørn Brudvik, Jørgen Wiig, Kristian Schult, Knut Utheim