Final class F: Won after golden goal!

The final in class F between Trio IL and Fjellhamar turned out to be an entertaining match with a lot of goals and great football skills.

The spectators were cheering as the game started, and both teams were off to a great start. Fjellhamars Iver Flood scored the first goal after three minutes, 0-1 and for the next ten minutes the game went back and forth with great chances and shots on target for both teams. The boys played fast, showed strength and great technique, and Christos Zafires scored Fjellhamars second goal after thirteen minutes, 0-2. But the boys from Trio kept fighting and a minute later Lars Olderkjær Larsen scored first one goal, 1-2, and then another one, 2-2. This was the score at half time.

IMG_0639 IMG_0648

Second half was a bit more relaxed than the first half, but after five minutes Lars Olderkjær Larsen scored his third goal of the match and Trio was for the first time in the lead of the match. Fjellhamar was clearly not happy about this, and a minute later Christos Zafires scored Fjellhamars third goal. 3-3 was still the score when the referee blew his whistle after forty minutes, and the teams got ready to play extra time, golden goal.

First half of extra time was played without any great chances, but in the beginning of the second half of extra time, the man of the match Christos Zafires scored hat trick when he scored Fjellhamars forth goal, making the final score 3-4. Fjellhamars boys raised their hands and celebrated their victory in this years Norway Cup.

 IMG_0670 IMG_0658

Match stats

Final class F

Trio IL – Fjellhamar 3-4 (a.a.t: 3-3) Half time: 2-2

Goals: 0-1 Iver Flood, 0-2 Christos Zafires, 1-2 Lars Olderkjær Larsen, 2-2 Lars Olderkjær Larsen, 3-2 Lars Olderkjær Larsen, 3-3 Christos Zafires, 3-4 Christos Zafires

Yellow cards: None

Referee: Petter Schuts (Sotra SK), 4th official: Bjørn Martinsen (Huringen IF)


Trio IL: Torstein Olderkjær, Isak Mo, Joakim Heimvik, Emil Voster, Daniel Normann, Mads Jørgensen, Lars Olderkjær Larsen, Brynjar Holmedal Gjerding, Marcus Nilsen Mathisen, Martin Arnesen, Magnus Tera.

Fjellhamar: Magnus Skøld Sanden, Håvard Besseberg, Anders Przytula, Iver Flood, William Bjeglerud, Simen Nilsson, Christos Zafires, Kasper Kaldheim, Bartu Bayes, Leon Hann, Mathias Sirevåg Vik, Adrian H. Jensen, Lukas Stille Berg.

Man of the match: Christos Zafires (Fjellhamar)