Final class E: – It certainly felt good after that

The teams started out even, until Nordstrand put their first ball in the net.

It was Ørsta, a team from the Western part of Norway, who scored the first goal in the class E final Friday. With a free kick. Then Nordstrand, from just a short bike ride away from Ekebergsletta, evened the score to 1-1. With a free kick.

Both teams had great chances, and showed off their skill sets in the first half. Nordstrand scored one more before half time, and the blue shirts had even more coming.

After the break, the Nordstrand boys went full throttle. Suddenly the score was 4-1, and the final seemed decided. However, Nordstrand made two more goals, and could happily celebrate as the winner of group E.

Sander Sønsterud scoret two goals. The first was a free kick (1-1), the other one a shot from distance (4-1).

– I like to shoot, and sometimes I even get a nice hit, Sander said.

Nordstrand aimed for one thing i particular this season, and that was to do well in Gothia Cup (Sweden). However, they exited the tournament already in the round of 64 – after a penalty shoot out against an American team.

– To win Norway Cup certainly felt good after that, Sander said.

Final group E (boys 15/16, seven)
Ørsta – Nordstrand 1-6 (1-2)
Goals: 1-0 Ørsta, 1-1 Sander Sønsterud, 1-2 Lars Nerland, 1-3 Marius Johnsrud, 1-4 Sønsterud, 1-5 Adam Al Khafji Lindøe, 1-6 Fredrik Lunde
Cards: none
Referee: Ilkay Yerli (Hannover, Tyskland), 4. official: Olav Johannessen (Bergen Nord)
Man of the match: Sander Sønsterud (Nordstrand)

Ørsta: Are Bjørdal, Simen T. Flekke, Gard Flåskjer, Martin Endal, Borgar Ose, Sigurd Ose, Thomas Bjerknes, Jørgen Førde, Sondre R. Åmbakk, Eirik R. Åmbakk, Iver Vinjevoll, Sverre S. Orten. Trener/lagledere: Arnt-Helge Bjerknes, Frode Ose

Nordstrand: Andreas Frøseth Amundsen, Marcus Aarstein, Sander Sønsterud, Marius Johnsrud, Lars Nerland, Adam Al Khafaji Lindøe, Younes Amer, Hermann Braathen, Fredrik Lunde, Christian M. Fagerlid, Henry Le, Anders Hexeberg, Rasmus Eggen Vinge. Trener/lagledere: Torgeir Nerland.