Final class D: – A fun game to referee

Lizzy Football Club from Ghana started off the final in class D, against Fyllingsdalen, from the western part of Norway, in the best possible way. 0-1 after a penalty early on.

Both teams had fast and creative forwards, and a lot of fans on the bleachers. And the players really performed for their fans with impressing dribbling skills and quick feet.

However, there were also a lot of tough tackles, who put referee Erlend Reigstad from Ottestad (Norway) to the test.

– I think we did good, we were tight on the play and had very good communication in our team, Reigstad said. This is his first year refereeing in Norway Cup, and the 16 year old has had charge of around 30 matches in different classes. He did so well that he was awarded with a final Friday.

– I am aiming to be a professional referee, and I will certainly come back to Norway Cup. This has been a great week, Reigstad said.

In the match 0-1 was the result at half time.

– The players had quick feet and sharp play, it was a fun game to referee, Reigstad said.

In the second half he had to pick out his cards – both yellow and red.

– I think we were able to be consistent, we let them play physically, but did’t allow to much arms, Reigstad said.

There were also goals to be scored in the second half. Even though Fyllingsdalen and Lizzy both had their chances, it was the Africans who managed to get the ball in. They scored two times more, and won the game 0-3 – and won the class D in this years Norway Cup.

Finale class D (boys 16, nine)
Fyllingsdalen – Lizzy Football Club (Ghana) 0-3 (0-1)
Goals: 0-1 Lizzy, 0-2 Bernard Boadi, 0-3 Enoch Lartey
Cards: Fyllingsdalen 2, Lizzy 1
Red card: Fyllingsdalen 1
Referee: Erlend Reigstad (Ottestad), Isak Aarøen (Førde), Sebastian Rekdal (Gneist), Naser Alinejad (Vard Haugesund)
Man of the match: Meshack Adjetey (Lizzy)

Fyllingsdalen: Tommy Rojas, Jonas Kjenes, Marius Bergset, Dilli Audi, Mats Hjørnevik, Jørgen Ekeberg, Casper Thorsen, Odin Imsen Horn, Erlend Nilsen, Trym Rolvsvåg, Patrik Andersen, Daniel Andersen, Tobias Omholt, Sander Lie

Lizzy Football Club: Kingsley Asare, Abraham Aidoo, Seth Obeng, Davidson Kwaku Danqua, Issac Owusu, Enoch Lartey, Meshack Adjetey, Elijah Boateng, Bernard Boadi, Abel Agbesi, Daniel Yeboah, Charles Entsuah, Nana Addo, Joseph dAHER, Al-Zayed Alhassan, Jerome Fielder, Issac Djormor, Jonathan Adjei Mensah