Final class C: Norway Cups top team win the gold medal, yet again!

Pequeninos Do Jockey and Kolbotn IL played an even final match under rainy skies on Ekebergsletta on Saturday

Several goal chances and quick passes dominated the first half of the game. Pequeninos player Guilherme Estevarr Correa was the first to score 1-0 behind the goal keeper of Kolbotn four minutes in, before team member Bruno Demetrio de Oliveira shot Brazils second goal about half way into game. The rest of the first half was played somewhat evenly by both teams. The biggest pressure was on Pequeninos, but Kolbotn also had their chances without being able to fully take advantage of them. The score at half time was 2-0.

The second half was played even more evenly than the first half, and it was clear to see that Pequeninos focused more on defensive play. Both teams worked hard and the audience witnessed tough tackles and boys who strived on the wet grass field at Ekeberg. Unfortunately none of the teams had any big chances, and the match ended 2-0 to Pequeninos Do Jockey who once again could claim the Norway Cup trophy!

See photos from the match in the gallery underneath.

Match report

Final class C

Pequeninos Do Jockey – Kolbotn IL 2-0 (2-0)

Goal scores: 1-0 Guilherme Estevarr Correa, 2-0 Bruno Demetrio de Oliveira

Yellow card: Ingen

Referee: Main referee: Paul Daniel Johansen (SPK Freidig). Ass. referee: Ingeborg Myrind Bekkavik (Sjetne) og Said Belal Kodamani (IL Skrim). 4. official: Kristoffer Sontum (Kjøkkelvik IL).

Pequeninos Do Jockey: Rogerio Evengelista Junior, Joao Victor Varoli de Souza, Gustavo da Silva Pinto, Guilherme Estevarr Correa, Nathan Gabriel de Souza Mendes, Vinicius Azevedo Barcellos, Bruno Demetrio de Oliveira, Gustavo Arruda de Souza, Ryan Carlos Santos de Souza, Danilio S. C. Vargas, Lucas Duarte Ribeiro, Felipe de Lima Pansicia, Maron Marcel Guimaeraes Magalhaes, Luan Vilela Silva, BrunoC. F. da Silva, Caua Rocha Arao, Diogo Mazzoco de Oliveira, Bruno Gomes de Souza, Pedro Lucas Almendra

Kolbotn IL: Magnus L. Monstad, Ludvik Von Hanno Thorsen, Emil Vestavik, Mohamed Abdi Adan, Sora Wako, Emil El-Noush, Mattis Azzarian, Vetle Stubberud Jöves, Kenneth Nguyen, Erling Fjelstad, Magnus Børrud, Thanawat Jantawong, Kristian Solberg, Robin Li, Jesper Solbakk Kurås, Mathias Adrian G Schau, Abdourahman       Kassama

Best player on the  field: Emil Vestavik (Kolbotn IL)

Text/Photo: Lina Mellem Enoksen