Final, class A17: Golden Bremnes boys

After a good warm up, both teams were ready. Verdal wins a free kick in a dangerous position, but the shot was blocked. Bremnes seemed to try playing long balls, while Verdal would rather play short passes. Bremnes managed a few shots at the goal, but  Verdal’s goalkeeper saved them.
Vetle Stiklestad tackled a Bremnes player in a dangerous free kick position, and the free kick went straight into the wall. Shortly after, Emil Aasheim crossed a magnificent ball to a Bremnes player, but he headed wide. The teams went to halftime without any goals.
Bremnes went straight on the attack in the second half and got a good shot, but the goalkeeper saved it. Minutes later, Bremnes made a textbook counter attack, and Mats Esperø slotted home from close range.
Bremnes seemed to get a lot of energy from the fans due to their well played defense. Bremnes got a free kick around 30 meters, and Stian Ytrøy placed the ball perfectly on the forehead of Thomas Esperø, who further guided the ball into the far corner. Erlend Meling Nesse scored a third goal for the team. The supporters from Bremnes started singing about the gold medal coming home, and soon after, when the referee ended the match,  the gold actually went home to Bremnes.
Match Report

Class A17

Bremnes IL – Verdal IL 3-0 (0-0)

Goal Scorers: 1-0 (Mats Esperø), 2-0 (Thomas Esperø), 3-0 (Erlend Meling Nesse).

Yellow Card: Vetle Stiklestad (Verdal)

Bremnes IL:
Morten Sæverud
Benjamin Isaksen
Thomas Esperø
Kato Aasheim
Emil Aasheim
Niamatulla Haidary
Stian Ytrøy
Johannes Steinsbø Fylkesnes
Mats Esperø
Erlend Meling Nesse
Sindre Steinsbø
Runar Hidle
Matias Kvernenes
Benjamin Brekke Munkvold
Lars Esperø

Verdal IL:
Mads Jørgen Sende
Ingemar Slottemo Lyngstad
Lars Henrik Vatterholm
Vetle Stiklestad
Johannes Aksnes
Martin Vamnes Enge
Lasse Kokås
Odin Almås
Robel Radesse
Alexander Tahming
Aleksander Valbekmo
Henrik Myran
Tore Kristoffer Kjesbu
Fredrik Haugemark
Atle Nordtømme
Horenus Tadesse
Håkon Sagvold
Deyzin Abdulla
Oscar Olsen

Text: Sigurd Goffèng-Bjerke

Photo: Magne Mellem Enoksen