FC Damsø: “Highly recommend Norway Cup to other teams”

FC Damsø has participated in Norway Cup with several teams over the past few years, and has loved their time at the tournament.

Anker Thisted, Child and Youth Chairman in FC Damsø, says:

“We chose to attend Norway Cup for various reasons, and particularly because there are a lot of girls’ teams from different nations that take part in the tournament. At the same time, it is a strength for us that Norway Cup has both A and B playoffs, which means that even if you’re in a large group each team gets at least four matches”

Anker does not hide that both this, and the fact that Norway Cup make it possible for teams to organize friendship and training matches, is a very positive part of the tournament:

“There are lots of opportunities to arrange training matches if you’re so unlucky enough to be knocked out of the tournament. We, for instance, played a training match against a girls’ team from Malawi one year. ”

All teams buying accommodation through Norway Cup get free public transport in Oslo, as well as access to a lot of different activities, which was a big hit with FC Damsø:

“We found it safe and flexible that we had free transport in Oslo, which meant that we could let our 13-15 year old girls travel back and forth to the school (and around Oslo) without the whole group having to go along.”

“It was also a big hit among our teams that there are so many different activities at Ekebergsletta for both the players and coaches. So even when we did not play matches, there were lots of football related activities to pass our time. ”

“So, we highly recommend Norway Cup to other teams!”