Environmental day at Ekebergsletta

A new addition to Norway Cup this year is a daily theme, and today marks the environmental day at Ekebergsletta! The environmental day reflects the UN Millenium goals which include, among others, ensuring clean energy, sustainable cities and communities and the slow down of climate change. The main idea behind the theme day(s) is to develop Norway Cup into an even greener arrangement as well as spread awareness around various issues.

Norway Cup  has acknowledged its environmental responsibility and has the following goals:

  • Reduce environmental strains on nature
  • Increase environmental awareness and create positive attitudes among particpants and audience
  • Set a good example for other sports clubs and arrangements

Addtionally, Norway Cup urges all sponsers to sign an environmental contract, partcipants and audience to make use of public transport, continue to set standards for suppliers and to choose environmenally friendly products. When it comes to waste management it’s worth mentioning that Norway Cup continuously strive to improve their recycling system and urges everyone to make use of the available bins on site.

Todays events:

Kick-off bottle collection project: The money collected from the returned bottles is donated to the organization  “Foreningen Fotballbane for jenter og gutter i Kobane” to help build fotball fields in a war torn country.

Clean up and bike service: Young volunteers have biked around and picked up garbage and other junk at Ekebergsletta.

Photo: Thomas Pettersen

Text: Kjersti Hattrem