Environment friendly Sunday

This year, Norway Cup has an environmental focus during the tournament, and Sunday a show was held at the main stage, led by Markus Bailey.


Boys from Mathare United kickstarted the environment show by showing of some great jugle skills, using their home-made footballs. These footballs are made from plastic and other kinds of litter.

Norway Cup cooperate with the organization SALT and have arranged a competition where football teams compete in cleaning beaches in their neighborhood or home towns. At the show the winning teams were announced.

 Norway Cup is the worlds biggest football tournament. Our vision is to be the worlds biggest and most important arena for sport joy and friendship. With the new environment guide we publish today, we wish to give sports clubs and events the inspiration to take responsibility for the environment and their community, Tony Isaksen, Secretary General of Norway Cup says.

Four teams were announced as winners of the beach cleaning competition, and they all got at environment scholarship.

Bokn IL, boys 14 years, won the main price after having cleaned up their community beaches every spring since first grade, around eight years in total. They advise all Norway Cup teams to pick the litter they find laying around and place it in the bins.

The rest of the winning teams were Kil/Hemne IL, Gandal IL and Øystese IL.

The environment show ended with a fashion show, showing how you can take care of the environment by redesigning different clothings.


What do you do to take care of the environment?

Norwaycup.no asked  some players what they do in their everyday life to save the environment.

Eline Bakkom, Synne Dimmen and Lene Sundklak from Ørsta told that they recycle their garbage at home.

– And I try to remember to turn of the lights when I leave the room, Synne Dimmen says.

Øyvind Halvorsen (15, to the right) from Fusa tells that he usualy ride his bike when he goes some where, and try not to use the car. His friend Adrian Tombre (14) does the same thing.

The fourteen years old Mari Skei and Karen Skralthaug from Surnadal recycle their waste , and makes sure they never throw anything on the groud. It all goes in the bins. They also try to avoid using a car for transportation.


Text/photo: Helene Thomsgård and Lina Mellem Enoksen

News tip: ncredaksjonen@gmail.com