The host is continiously working with the police and other authorities regarding traffic and parking


As in most places, Oslo can’t offer parking to every citizen and guests. We have some parking up at Ekebergsletta – the parking fee is 100NOK, and then you can come and go as much as you like the whole day.

Please follow directions, guards and signs. This must be considered the whole week – at arrival, to and from matches and departure (minibuses is considered as cars during Norway Cup).

We also want to inform that it will be a lot of traffic around Norway Cup. Especially during rush hours 14:30 – 17:30 pm. Please use public transportation!

Control off buses

Expect that buses will be controlled during Norway Cup. We hope that all buses have a satisfying level of safety. Norway cup don’t want any accidents due to unsafe buses.

Toll Plaza

Information about toll plazas around Norway Cup can be found at the main office. There are toll plazas around Norway Cup, and several closed roads can result in traffic-jams

Buses will be offered free parking. You can get parking permits for buses at the main office. In order to get this, the buss must have seats for at least 10 passengers.

Private bus

Teams arriving by private bus must inform this at check-in. It will be registered, and you will get a Norway Cup Logo that you can place in the lower left corner at the front window. Bus: at least 10 seats.

Ekeberg field

All buses must be parked at marked parking spaces north of Ekeberg, and north of Ekebergsletta. Cars must park at the parking space south of Ekeberg Idrettshall. Cars can also be parked at ¨sporten¨.

Special permit is given to Norway Cup-cars, press, etc to park around Ekeberg School. Permits will be given by traffic leader. At check-in, please park at parking space north at Ekebergsletta.

Abildsø field

All buses must park along Østensjøveien. Cars must park at the parking space at Abildsø school. Norway-Cup cars must park at Agronomveien

Rustad Field

All buses and cars must park at Norsk Datas Kurssenter located at skullerudstua and around Norsk Data.

Voldsløkka field

Parking in streets located (Day – and weekly parking cards do not work at Voldsløkka)


Buses and cars must park at parkingspace shown by technical arranger. Bus nr 401 og 402 from Galleri Oslo stopping by Furuset Stadium