Here are some important things to remember as a team leader

  1. Team registration
  2. Team List
  3. Services
    • A- Participant card
    • Transport
    • Beds and sleeping-bags
  4. Hotel
  5. Register for the parade
  6. Match schedules
  7. Invoices for ordered services

1: Registration:

The first thing you have to do is to register your team at our website. Remember to check if you have registered the team (teams) in the right class, and take contact with us if there is something wrong with the registration.

2: Team List

Fill out the team lists at the website. No player is permitted to play he/she is not in the playlists. Please register the team lists before the 1st of July (01/07/2016)

3: Services

Norway Cup offers several different services. Here are some of them:

A: Participant Card
B: Transport
C: Bed and sleeping bag

A – Card – For those teams staying at schools

Includes all meals (Breakfast at school, Lunch & dinner at Ekebergsletta), accommodation, free use of public transport during the tournament, free admission to public pools/museums/City attractions, team photo and more. The A-card costs 2300NOK

H-Card – For those teams staying at hotels

Includes the same as the A-Card. The only difference is that you will have breakfast at the hotel. The prices varies from hotel to hotel. Contact Rolf Fjeld to book hotel:


This card includes the same as A and H- cards, but without food and accommodation. Persons with D-Card gets free public transportation, free admission to public pools/museums/city attractions, team photo and more. D-Cards costs 300NOK, and minimum 1 team leader must have D-Card

3B: Transportation

There are possibilities for transportation:

With bus from airport/boat/train/bus in Oslo central to school/hotels

Teams who have ordered and paid for transport to from place of arrival to school/hotel, will be picked up by buses and driven to their place of accommodation. In order to get his, the teams must have registered their order within 1st of July. Arrival/departure form can be found at CupManager.

With bus from schools/hotels to airport/train/bus/boat

Teams who have ordered and paid for transport, will be picked up at the school/hotel they are staying and taken to their place of departure approximately 2 hours before departure (3 hours if you are travelling by plane). The club must have registered their order within 1st of July. Arrival/departure form can be found in CupManager

Prices transport 2016

Airport: Two way ticket: 240 Nok pr.person

Airport: One-way ticket: 120 Nok pr. person

Boat/train/bus: Two way ticket: 130 NOK pr.person

Boat/train/bus: One way ticket: 130 NOK pr.person

3C: Bed and sleeping-bag

It is possible to prepare for your stay at a school by ordering a bed and/or a sleeping-bag, whom will be yours after the tournament. These will be put in the classroom before you arrive. Prices are:

Bed and sleeping-bag: 495NOK per person

Bed: 395NOK per person

Sleeping-bag: 195 NOK per person

4: Hotel

It is possible to order a hotel package during the tournament, and we can offer very good prices. Absolutely everything is included: 7 nights at a hotel, breakfast at the hotel, lunch & dinner at Ekebergsletta, free public transportation, Norway Cup T-shirt, free entry to public museums, public pools etc.

This offer includes parents/siblings who also want to experience the tournament at a close level. Contact Rolf Fjeld at +47 22660230.

H-card includes:

  • Seven nights at a hotel, various prices (depending on room-type)
  • Seven night accommodation (Saturday-Saturday, Friday-Friday, Sunday-Sunday)
  • Food: Breakfast at the hotel (every day)
  • Food: Lunch and dinner at Ekerberghallen (Every day)
  • Team photo including individual Norway Cup diplomas
  • Free transportation by public transportation (bus, tram, subway and boats) within the city limits of Oslo
  • Free admission to public outdoor pools: Frognerbadet and Tøyenbadet
  • Free admissions to most of the museums in Oslo
  • Free mini-golf at Ekeberg minigolf course
  • Admission to the Norway Cup disco

6: Match schedule

Complete match schedule for Norway Cup will be ready at the start of July. Keep yourself updated by visiting our homepage. There you can also see a total list over all registered teams

7: Food

This year, we will serve fresh food directly from the kitchen! Now everyone can decide how big/small portions they want. There will be a gluten free alternative every day, and for everyone with A and H-card, food is included in the price

8: Invoices

Invoices on ordered services will be sent to all clubs during mid-May. This invoice will also include some information, and we will only keep contact with one contact person per club.

It is the club’s responsibility to forward information to the people involved. If there are any changes, these can be made at CupManager. No changes can be done after the 1st of July, and if this is the case contact us at or phone +47 22 66 02 00