Here are answers to questions leaders, coaches and players usually ask us.

When is the deadline for registration and payment?

The deadline for registration and payment of registration fee is 15 April.

Payment deadline for A, D, H card, transportation, bed and sleeping bags is May 15.

When do we get confirmation that we have registered?

We send out confirmations in late April

Which identification documents satisfies inspection in Norway Cup?

All Norway Cup players have to produce proof of age by showing satisfactory photo identification.

The following documents are considered to satisfy the required inspection in Norway Cup:

  • Norwegian Postal Service’s ID card – in credit card format
  • Valid passport or other approved travel document
  • asylum seeker ID card
  • EU card
  • Credit card (Norwegian)
  • Driving license – original and duplicate
  • Police ID card
  • Norwegian Postal Service’s ID card – old type issued after 1 October 1994

How many players can we bring?

You can have max. 24 players and 4 leaders on the team list. We prefer that team lists are completed in good time before the start of the tournament in our online system.

What is the difference between A, D and H cards?

A cards includes 3 meals a day, accommodation in school (8 days, Sat-Sun), free transportation with Ruter, team photo with diploma to each player, free admission to several museums, miniature golf , opening show and public outdoor baths.

H card contains the same as the A-Card, but with accommodation in hotels (7 days, Sat-Sat). Breakfast is served at the hotel, the other meals in Ekeberg Sports.

D cards contain the same rights as the A card, apart from accommodation and dining.

Can family and friends benefit from the same card offer?

All families and friends who want to come to Norway Cup will have the same offer as players.

When do we get information about which schools we are staying in?

You will get information about the school the team will be staying at in mid-June.

When are the finals played?

The finals are played on Friday and Saturday at Ekeberg. The preliminary matches are played Sunday – Tuesday on various sports fields: Ekeberg, Abildsø, Rustad, VAlle Hovin, Tørteberg/Marienlyst, Voldsløkka og FurusetPlay. Matches are played on the same courts from Wednesday.

Do you need transport?

Norway Cup offers transport from the bus station, train station and airport. This is done so that the tournament’s guests can easily get to their respective accommodation sites.

How many games does each team play?

Children’s football:

In children football (Class H, I, X and Y) teams play about 6-7 matches. All games are played at Ekeberg. Matches starts either Sunday or Monday.

There are no playoffs in children’s football but all players receive prizes.


In Class Z – Unified, which is for handicapped players, there are usually two or three groups. It is divided into which handicap the players has. There will be finals played in the various classes. Matches in the Unified classes is usually played Thursday and Friday in week 31.

Youth football:

In youth football (the rest of the classes) a preliminary round will be played first. There are usually four or five teams in each of the initial groups. All teams are guaranteed at least three preliminary matches and the first game is usually played Sunday in week 30. In groups with five teams, each team is guaranteed four games in the preliminary.

In addition to this, all teams are guaranteed at least one playoff game. The two best teams in the group progress to the A-finals. The two weakest teams in the group progress to B Playoffs. In the playoffs, it’s win or disappear so here the match number will vary depending on how the results are.

The finals in youth football is usually played Friday and Saturday in week 31.

When will the group set up and game schedule be released?

The group layout in the various classes will be published around 1 – 10 June. The match schedule will be published online from around the 20th of June.

Please make sure you check the fixtures regularly until the start date as they are subject to change.


Reimbursement of attendance / participation fees can be obtained for the entire team until June 1

Reimbursement of individual participant fees (1-3 participants) are available until the tournament starts. After this only with a medical certificate

H cards are not refundable after 20 July.

If you have any questions about refunds, please contact: