Please note that we may remove some groups if there’s not enough teams registered for said group. 

Groups in 2017

11-a side:
Group A19: (B18/19) Boys born after 1.1.1998
Group A17: (B17) Boys born after 1.1.2000
Group B: (B15/16) Boys born after 1.1.2001
Group C: (B14) Boys born after 1.1.2003

Group D: (B13) Boys born after 1.1.2004

Group E: (B15/16) Boys born after 1.1.2001
Group F: (B14) Boys born after 1.1.2003
Group M: (B13) Boys born after 1.1.2004
Group H: (B12) Boys born after 1.1.2005
Group I: (B11) Boys born after 1.1.2006

11-a side:
Group Q19: (G18/19) Girls born after 1.1.1998
Group Q17: (G17) Girls born after 1.1.2000
Group R: (G15/16) Girls born after 1.1. 2001
Group S: (G14) Girls born after 1.1. 2003

Group T: (G13) Girls born after 1.1.2004

7-a-side fotball:
Group W: (G17/18/19) Girls born after 1.1.1998
Group U: (G15/16) Girls born after 1.1.2001
Group V: (G14) Girls born after 1.1.2003
Group P: (G13) Girls born after 1.1. 2004
Group X: (G12) Girls born after 1.1.2005
Group Y: (G11) Girls born after 1.1.2006
GroupZ: Unified 7-a-side football are played by own rules. In groups B, C, R, S, E, F, U and V can teams from countries which use 1st of August as a basis for team selection, use players that are 5 months older than the groups allows.

Playing times:
Groups A 19, A17, Q and W: 2 x 30 min, 5 min break
Groups B, R, E and U: 2 x 25 min, 5 min break
Groups C, D, S and T: 2 x 20 min., 3. min break
Groups F, V, M and P: 2 x 20 min, 3 min break
Groups H, I, X, Y, Z: 2 x 15 min, 3 min break