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School accommodation list 2017

There has been some changes to the list over school accommodation - please find the revised list HERE.  We've had some challenges this year regarding our list of schools - due to renovation of several schools we've previously used we've not been able to get them this year. As several of these are schools close [...]

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From Norway Cup to Mourinho

Taking part in Norway Cup can help you achieve your dreams. For Mohammad Dajani it led him to studying sports and ending up with Josè Mourinho as a lecturer. It all started in 2005, when Mohammad came to Norway Cup from Palestine, Jerusalem, as one of the many teams and players that Fuad Timraz has taken to Norway. [...]

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Join our SDG photo competition and win tickets to Tusenfryd

We’re working with the UN on their Sustainable Development Goals and we want you on our team! There is a total of 17 goals created to help make a better world. Pick a goal and send us a photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #NorwayCupSDG where you, in a creative way, show us how [...]

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Team from Guinea Bissau to join Norway Cup for the first time

A team from Guinea Bissau will, for the first time ever, join us at Norway Cup this summer. 17 girls (14-16 years) are coming all the way from the islands outside Guinea Bissau to Oslo to participate in Norway Cup. The girls are from the islands outside Guinea Bissau, which are among the poorest communities [...]

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