Team from Guinea Bissau to join Norway Cup for the first time

A team from Guinea Bissau will, for the first time ever, join us at Norway Cup this summer. 17 girls (14-16 years) are coming all the way from the islands outside Guinea Bissau to Oslo to participate in Norway Cup. The girls are from the islands outside Guinea Bissau, which are among the poorest communities [...]

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TuS Felde are joining us at Norway Cup for the tenth time

TuS Felde are taking three teams with them to this year’s Norway Cup – which will be the club’s tenth time at the tournament.  This year they’re bringing their B-juniors (U16), a girls’ team, and their C-junior team (U 14). The boys in the B-juniors team have already been once before, but for the girls’ [...]

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Ekebert is ready for Norway Cup!

After a long break during winter, Ekebert has finally made his way down from the mountain to prepare for this year’s Norway Cup. He’s been checking out the local area and went for a walk around Ekebergparken to visit all the sculptures. Ekebert can’t wait for this year’s Norway Cup to start and is looking [...]

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Norway Cup and East Africa Cup are rooting for the girls!

Norway Cup is working with the UN on their Sustainable Development Goals and one of the goals that is important to us is goal 5: Gender Equality. We’re therefore very proud to be working with East Africa Cup - a football tournament held in Moshi in Tanzania in June each year. The tournament has a [...]

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Old Christmas trees turn into Norway Cup trip

Sædalen IL's Girls team (14 years) really wanted to take part in this year's Norway Cup and came up with a fantastic idea to raise money for their trip. The girls, who have played together since starting primary school, came up with the idea that they'd help people get rid of their old Christmas trees for a fee. [...]

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Registration for Norway Cup is in full swing

Have you remembered to sign up for this summer's big event? Registration for Norway Cup is in full swing and lots of teams from around the world have already signed up. We had record attendance in 2016 with waiting lists, so it is important to book early to secure a place in the world’s largest football [...]

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Winners advent calendar day 20 – 24

Day 20 – answer: Fjellhamar won the final in class F - boys 7-aside, 14-year-old. Winner: Vebjørn Harstad Jensvoll Day 21 – answer: Ullensaker Kisa won the final in class U - Girls 7-aside, 15/16 years old. Winner: Anette Nilsen Day 22 – answer: 8400 participants joined us in 1972. Winner: Kjetil J. Torgersen Day [...]

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Winners in our advent calendar day 13 – day 19:

Winners in our advent calendar day 13 - day 19:   Day 13 – answer: around 2200. Winner: Bente Herland Day 14 – answer: Bryne FK. Winner: Kjersti Haugen Day 15 – answer: Hummel. Winner: Nick Nicholaides Day 16 – answer: 126. Winner: Nora Kreisig Day 17 – answer: Futuro Rio Bancarios. Winner: Borger Østby [...]

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Winners advent calendar day 6 – 12

Day 6: Answer: ages 10 – 19 play in our main tournament. Winner: Tuva Moen Day 7: Answer: Frigg, Furuset, Abildsø, Vålerenga, Rustad og Sagene help organise Norway Cup along with our club, Bækkelagets Sportsklub. Winner: Ann Kristin Bruteig Day 8: Answer: Rema 1000 is our main sponsor. Winner: Morten Fredheim Day 9: Answer: Our [...]

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Winners advent calendar day 1 – 5

The winners of our advent calendar day 1 – 5 are: Day 1: Ida Prestegård - Hummel bag Day 2: Scott Cairns – free team registration fee Day 3: Sindre Martin Dugstad – Norway Cup hoodie Day 4: Beate Fivelsdal - Football and Norway Cup bag Day 5: Kristoffer Tangstad-Karlsen - Norway Cup speakers

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