Here is some practical information regarding Norway Cup

The tournament is arranged every year in week 30 and 31. We kick off Norway Cup with an opening parade and concert on the first Saturday (30 July 2016), and most of the teams will start playing the day after.

Check-in will be done at the Norway Cup/Bækkelaget SK offices, located at Ekebergveien 101 – Right next to Ekeberghallen

Opening parade

Norway Cup always starts with a spectacular parade, where participants wear their team-kits and wave with various flags. Everyone is welcome to the parade, and we hope that as many as possible wants to participate in this year’s parade. It will start at Ekeberg Camping, go across Ekebergsletta, down to Norway Cup main square where the opening concert will be arranged.

Show up at 16:30, and the parade will start at 17:00. You can register your team for the parade by mailing club name, contact person, and number of participants to

Photos of minors

It is the team leader’s responsibility to get permission from parents for photographs or interviews in media of minors.

Norway Cup menu

First meal Saturday August 30th. Dinner 3.30 pm to 9 pm.
Mealtimes for the remainder of the tournament: Lunch: 11.30 am – 3 pm.
Dinner: 5.00. pm – 9 pm.
Last meal is dinner at Ekeberg Sports hall Saturday August 6th 11.30 am – 5 pm.
NB! Breakfast will be served in the schools on Sunday August 7th.

Dag Alt 1 Alt 2
Friday 29.07.2016 Beef Stroganoff with rice
Saturday 30.07.2016 Sweet & Sour Pork with rice Lapskaus (traditional Norwegian stew)
Sunday 31.07.2016 Baccalao Chicken tikka with rice
Monday 01.08.2016 Ox stew in a tomato based sauce with potatoes Creamy fish casserole with potatoes
Tuesday 02.08.2016 Tex-mex stew with rice Fish cakes with gravy, carrots cauliflower and potatoes
Wednesday 03.08.2016 Meatballs in a creamy sauce with vegetables and potatoes Creamy lamb stew with potatoes
Thursday 04.08.2016 Steamed salmon with hollandaise sauce, vegetables and potatoes Meatballs with mushy peas, gravy and potatoes
Friday 05.08.2016 Beef stew with cabbage stew and potatoes Lightly salted cod with white sauce, carrots and potatoes
Saturday 06.08.2016 Chicken thighs with potato salad Pork steak with gravy and sauerkraut

All teams to the playoffs

Norway Cup always starts with matches Sunday at 9am week 30. The finals will be played during Friday and Saturday at the end of week 31. Approximately 4200 matches will be played during the tournament. In the child classes (Class H,I,X and Y) there will be no playoffs and finals.

The playoff changest that were made in 2012 was a great succes, and they are still a part of the tournament. In 2016 every team moves on to the playoffs!

This means:

  • In groups med four teams, the two best teams goes to A-playoffs, while to other teams goes to the B-playoffs
  • This guarantees that every team gets to play at leas tone game in the playoffs.
  • The playoffs will start at Wednesday week 31.

Match running times

7-man football is played by own rules

Class Z: Unified 7-man fotball is played by own rules

In the classes B,C,R,S,E,F,U, and V, teams that comes from countries that uses 1st of august as base for team registration, can use players that are up to 5 months older than the class ages at Norway Cup.

Running times:

Class A19, A17, Q and W: 2×30 min, 5 min break

Class B, R, E and U: 2×25 min, 5 min break

Class C, D, S and T: 2×20 min 3 min break

Class F, V, M, and P: 2×20 min, 3 min break

Class H, I, X, Y, Z: 2×15 min, 3 min break

Important dates 2015/2016

15th october: Prices for accomodation etc. should be ready

15th april: Team registration due date

15th may: Payment for A, H or D card due date

1st july: Alle schemes and forms must be sent in by this date

29th-30th july: Check-in. All clubs must check-in in order to participate in the tournament. At the check-in you will receive important information. The check-in will be done at the Norway Cup offices located at Ekebergveien 101, right next to Ekeberghallen

Information from the Police

The vision of the police is to make Oslo the safets capitol in the world. Our experience is that Norway Cup is a safe event, with very few unwanted incidents. We still wish to give you some advice in order to make the Norway Cup experience as pleasant as possible.

Every year there are hefts happening during Norway Cup, both at the arenas and at schools where teams are staying. This is not a big problem, but it is a shame if you are one of those who will be affected by this.

Our experience is that most of the teams are good at deciding meeting places in case you get lost. Usually the teams decide that no one should walk around alone. Make sure everyone knows which school you are staying at, and have the number to the coach/contact person. These simple steps are simple to follow, and makes sure that we take care of each other.

The Police will have a station at Ekebergsletta during the tournament. Her we will answer questions, and give information regarding our work. Feel free to say hi!

Place: Between Ekeberg School and the Sales tent

Opening hours: 09.00-19.00

Phone: +47 970 52 715

Oslo Police chamber: 02800


Manglerud Policestation

Please remember:

  • Rethink which valuables you bring with you from home
  • Valuables should not be left in classrooms
  • Make sure unauthorized people stay away from the school
  • Make sure that a grown-up is taking care of valuables when the team is playing
  • Your wallet should be kept in a safe pocket
  • Make sure you don’t have too much cash in your wallet
  • Pay extra attention in big crowds
  • Do not leave valuables unattented
  • Make sure that classrooms and locker-rooms are locked before leaving
  • Keep together when you visit the tournament!
  • If you experience something unpleasant, tell a grown-up
  • Tell the police if you see or experience something illegal

This is what the thief is looking for:

  • Big crowds and queues
  • Your wallet
  • Your cellphone
  • Your purse
  • Your participant card
  • Other valuables
  • Valuables in an empty school