Elite tournament

As part of Norway Cup, there will be an elite tournament for girls 17 and boys 16. Eight teams play preliminary rounds in two pools. The matches are mainly at KFUM arena EK 26 11 and some matches at EK 27 11. Both courses are artificial turf.

This year, some of Norway’s best clubs participate together with teams from Sweden, Germany and Brazil in the two classes.

This is the third year that an elite tournament is organized in Norway cup and in previous years we have been visited by top clubs from Spanish, Polish and Portuguese leagues.

Match information can be found here:
Girls 17 elite: https://results.cupmanager.net/6339495,2019,nb/category/19676599
Boy 16 elite: https://results.cupmanager.net/6339495,2019,nb/category/19676576

The finals will be played at EK 26 11 at Saturday, August 3rd at 3.30 pm and 4.45 pm.