Top clubs to Norway Cup this Year

Although Norway Cup is mainly a grassroots tournament, several top clubs from Norway and Europe are joining the tournament this year. Among the teams included in the class there are four Norwegian teams, and the teams are as following Strømsgodset top football, Bodø Glimt FK, Vålerenga football and Rosenborg. The remaining teams are Legia Warszawa and Lechia Gdansk from Poland. There are also teams from Portugal and Sweden with FC Porto and Göteborg IFK.

It is also confirmed that there is a J16 tournament (girls 16 years). Several Norwegian top clubs have been asked to set up such a tournament.

Vålerenga is among the teams participating in the G16 tournament. They hope that such an elite tournament can inspire other clubs to participate to join the years to come.

After both teams had taken their little pep talk, the referee blew the game into action. The game had not really started before Legia Warszawa countered Gothenburg, and Lisowski Mateusz placed the ball easily between the legs of  the goalkeeper, Odin Kupnagl. Before Gothenburg had succeeded in establishing possession, Ciepiela Bartnomiej for Legia was rolled up by Grabowski Gabor on the right-hand side. He then placed the ball easily in the opposite corner for a 2-0 to the team from Poland. Legia’s Kakomy Cukasz passed a 30-meter long pass to Lisowski Mateusz, but the defense of Gothenburg saved it on the line.

After a series of good passes for Gothenburg, William Andersson came with a clever pass to Hugo Moldin who shoot down the left hand side. The score was then 1-2 for Legia. Gothenburg was very keen to build the game from the defense, so as then to move up the course. Legia, however, had a more direct play style. The Polish team kept pressing on, and Lisowski Mateusz was played good through, and put the ball to the left for the keeper. It was the last thing that happened in the first half.

At the start of the second half, Niski Nikodem for Legia was played through by overlap Preuss Wiktor hits the ball towards goal, but Göteborg keeper Odin Kupnagl saved it with class. Legia Warszawa and Gosciniarek Kacper hit a corner kick that was nicely executed by Lorenc Mieszko, who headed the ball in a good curve over the goalkeeper. Legia then led 4-1. The Göteborg keeper is a bit unlucky with a pass and it goes to the attacker of the opposing team. The keeper saves himself in again, with a very good save. Soon after the referee blew the whistle for the last time and Legia Warszawa won 4-1 over Gothenburg IFK.

A player who played well on the pitch today was player number five, Gustav Stark. We in had a chat with the young center-back.

– It was a very good team we met here today. What I noticed was that they were very good at switching which side they played on, and getting overlaped out on each side, said Gustav disappointed.

The Swedish guy also added that opposite team were much faster than they when it came to passing. Stark also had several good passes in the match as he said he had.

Text: Sigurd Goffèng-Bjerke

Foto: Lina Mellem Enoksen