E-Sport Finals: – Would be really cool to make a living of it

The finals in E-sport was held Thursday, at the Main stage at Norway Cup. The games played were Overwatch, Rocket League and Fifa 17.

One of the teams, The Gatekeepers, consist of Herge (24), Ruben (26), Even (24), Fredrik (21), Timon (22) and Atle (21). The final was intense and both teams were close to victory, but in the end the Gatekeepers beat BX3.

– It feels great to beat BX3. For a long time, they have had the position as the best team in Norway, so it is great to have finally beat them, Ruben says.

They guys are also sure that E-sport is going to become one of the biggest competitive sports in the near future, and that it will grow a lot.

– Right now, gaming is just a hobby for us, but it would have been really cool to make a living out of it. Gaming is clearly our biggest passion in life, so that would have been amazing. And as I mentioned, I believe that E-sport is going to be huge some day, Fredrik says.

We were also curious about what the The Gatekeepers guys did besides gaming, and almost everyone of them had a job.

– Many of us started gaming at a very young age. I think that I have been gaming since I was five years old. You can obviously see that the new generation have many good gamers, even though they are very young. That is why I believe that E-sport is going to explode in growth for the next couple of years.

The winning team, Gatekeepers! Photo: Fabian Stratenchulte.

We talked to the other team as well, Team BX3. They acknowlegde that The Gatekeepers have prepared quite a lot for the tournament at Norway Cup. So in their opinion, The Gatekeepers deserved to win.

Even though BX3 and Gatekeepers are rivales, they are still really good friends.

They expect E-sports to keep growing, both in numbers and skills, in the future.

– A lot of young kids are exposed to electronics at a very young age, so when they hit their teen years, some of the them are at an international level. We are often named as the best team in Norway, so we get a lot of attention and positive feedback from people in Asia and USA, so that is really cool, says Ripper from BX3.

Zappy, member of BX3                                             Photo: Fabian Stratenschulte

Text: Jon Henrik Eldholom og Kristoffer Karstensen
Photo: Fabian Stratenschulte