Dreaming about their second gold medals

Kolbotn Girls 14 years played seven-a-side and won Norway Cup last year. This year they dream about winning again, but this time as a eleven-a-side team.

After the matches in the group stage, Kolbotn was in the lead of their group with nine points and a goal difference of 21-1. Thursday morning they played the last 32-game against Ranheim IL, and already in the starting minutes the Kolbotn girls showed great talent and solid control of the match.

Kolbotn, dressed in white shirts, missed a lot of chances in the first part of the game, both corners and great shots from distance went outside Ranheims goal. But after 13 minutes Kolbotn finally got their first goal, and then their second goal the next minute. Then again, two minutes later the girls in white scored again and at half time the score was 3-0.

Emma in action
Emma in action

Second half was controlled by Kolbotn as well, Ranheim didn’t get to play the ball that much, although they gave the Kolbotn girls a good fight. After a few minutes Kolbotn scored another two goals, and midway in the second half they scored the last goal of the match. Ranheim had a few attacks at the end, but the game ended 6-0.

Filippa fighting for the ball
Filippa fighting for the ball

Last years gold winners were happy after the match.

–          I think we played a great match, even though it took some time before we scored our first goal. But when we first scored, we continued to score several goals and that was fun. I’m also impressed by the other team. The girls gave us a good fight, says Filippa.

–          Yes, I also think we played a good game. We manage to do the things we’ve practiced beforehand, and that’s cool, says Silja.

–          But I still think we can do better, though, especially on corner kicks, says Jenny smiling.

Last year the girls dream came true when they won the whole tournament. They had dreamt about winning, but never actually believed it. This year the same dream is still there, but they don’t want to get their hopes up.

–          We have to take it one match at a time. We’re dreaming about reaching the finals on Saturday, but our first goal is to make it to the last eight-game, says Silja.

–          I agree. We play great as a team, so we’ll see how it goes, says Emma.

And one thing is clear: even though it’s a lot to hope for, the girls do have faith they can win again this year. They do have the teamwork and football skills to do it!

Gulljentene fra i fjor har beina godt plantet på jorda til tross for at selvfølgelig ønsker å gjenta suksessen fra i fjor. Fv: Emma, Silja, Jenny og Filippa
Last years winners of Norway Cup: Emma, Silja, Jenny og Filippa