Daniel Owen joining the opening show line-up

Photo: Jørgen Munch Jensen

Daniel Owen is joining the Norway Cup opening show line-up!

In recent months, Daniel Owen has entertained the Norwegian people in the TV2 program “The Voice of the Century.” Eight Saturdays in a row, Daniel has provided a number of exciting interpretations from the various decades, and we’ve heard him interpret Michael Jackson, Irving Berlin and Alphaville.

After completing the show, Daniel Owen is now ready for his first single. «Going Wild» is a summery pop song that we think fits well on any playlist for the summer of 2018!

Since the victory in Norwegian Talents in 2011, Daniel Owen has had an ever increasing number of devoted fans. Among other things, he has been touring with both VG-Lista and P4, and in the last few years he has released 4 of his own singles. Throughout the summer and autumn, we’ll see both tours and new singles from the talented Oslo boy!