Alfaz Del pi football club is a Spanish club comprised of both junior and senior football teams including males and females. The club aims at providing an environment where” people want to be” literally referring to a place where people feel comfortable and a place where parents can enjoy watching their children play sports and develop as people with discipline and recognition of effort as fundamental pillars of understanding in each child’s education.  This club has participated in the Norway cup three times and is looking forward to making their 4th appearance in this multicultural sports event.

The club reveals that participating in Norway cup would have been almost impossible without the constant support from the Norwegian community in the Alfas Del Pi municipality where this club is located. One of the club members quoted “A warm thank you to all the Norwegian community on the Costa Blanca. Without you we would not come to Norway Cup”.The influence of Norwegians made the club to receive free performance from the renowned Norwegian vocalist jenny Jenssen where the club made a lot of money that helped them to travel to Norway cup. The club organises different activities to raise funds that includes organising parties and selling delicious Spanish homemade foods where the Spaniards have actively participated to support the club. Further still the Norwegian community has actively participated in these fundraising activities to the extent of mobilizing cash donations to the club.

Norwegian community gathered together in Costa Blanca.

(Photo credit; Alfaz Del pi football club)
The teams are looking forward to enjoying a new experience in the forthcoming Norway cup since the majority of the players on the teams have not been in Norway. They are excited to see the beautiful Norwegian girls and the beautiful sceneries since that’s all they have heard about Norway.

The Chairman of the Norwegian Community in Costa Blanca, Arne Flaten wearing scarf and cap from the football club. (Photo credit: Alfas Football club).