Climbing at Norway Cup

We’re following up on our success from last year, and once again open the doors to Norway Cup’s Fun Park. Here you can enjoy an obstacle trail, a climbing tower, skateboarding, summer snowboarding, radio-controlled cars and frisbee golf.

You’ll also get the chance to experience shows from professionals. The park is free and suitable for children and young people of all ages.

We have had a chat with Ole Kristian Hansejordet, from Høyt & Lavt climbing parks, who are briging even more fun activities to our park at this year’s Norway Cup:

You are coming to Norway Cup for the second consecutive year – how did you find it last year?

It’s a lot of fun! We had a lot of visitors and people thought it was fun to climb. To participate in one of the biggest events in Norway is so much fun, so we look forward to coming back this year.

I think it’s very good that Norway Cup are able to combine football with lots of other fun activities. It shows that here at Ekebergsletta there is a big party. People can come up and watch football and be active, and even if they do not play themselves, there is room for coming here and trying out fun activities with others.

Are you bringing anything new this year?

This year we’re bringing a new 5 meter climbing tower in addition to the mobile climbing park we had with us last year. So, it will be possible to climb even higher and have even more fun!

Fun Park is open every day from 10 – 18 and is right next to Ekeberghallen (dining hall).