Check out these activities at Ekebergsletta

There are a lot of fun things to do at Ekebergsletta, most of them open from 11-19. Take a look:

TV2 stand

–          Trick battle at 13.00
–          Commentator competition at 12.00
–          Quiz and kahoot

Pøbelprosjektet stand

–          What would you do if you were Prime Minister for a day?


–          Different «activity of the day»
–          Basketball and table tennis
–          Face painting
–          Selfies
–          Movies and places to hang out and relax


–          Learn about organic food production.
–          Make chili sauce and see if you dare to taste it.
–          Instagram competition


–          Football tournament througout the day
–          Take photos
–          Shoot-down: Can you shoot your friend down in the cold water tank?

Stay Classy

–          Here you can try, and also win, a classywalk.
–          Competitions every hour

NFF/Eat Move Sleep (Open 11-16)

–          Football Shoot-out
–          Taste different fruit, juices and smoothies
–          Area to relax


–          Information about becoming a foster care


–          Quiz
–          Make your own UV-bracelet
–          Get free sunscreen

G-Sport stand

–          Bubble ball – prices for everyone


–          Different cars are displayed
–          Football with radio cars


–          Kahoot with prices
–          Photobooth


–          Football shoot out
–          Trick competition


–          Football shoot out.
–          Competition at 14.00


–          Try VR-glasses and visit a refugee camp in Tanzania
–          Exhibition
–          Competition: puzzle