Check in

Norway Cup encourage clubs to prepare for check-in.

All teams MUST check in at the Secretariat by Saturday 27th July at 10pm in 2019 to get the latest information and changes. Please only send one representative per team to the secretariat for check-in.

If a representative from the team doesn’t arrive within the below time, the organizer is not accountable for changes in the club’s match program.

The check-in times
Check in starts Friday 26th July 2019:
Friday is check in open from. 16.00 – 22.00

The check continues Saturday 27th July 2019:
The check-in starts at 8:00 – 22.00

You will be given participant bracelets during at check in. Check-in is at Norway Cup’s head office located opposite Ekeberg Sport Hall at Ekebergveien 101, 1178 Oslo.

Important to remember
Check that everything is paid for and booked in advance.

Bus, cards and beds
For those who have their own bus please provide the name of the driver, tel. number and number plate to the secretariat.

All sleeping bags/mattresses ordered must be picked up at the school where you will stay.

Please note
* Photo identification for all players. Minimum a copy of the return flight or passport. Spot checks on age and player eligibility will be made. This should NOT be submitted but must be available if it should be checked first.

*Please complete the team lists online. No player is eligible to play without the name applied to the Player List. For players who have an exemption from the respective circuit must show a copy of the exemption. The exemption does not have to be submitted. It must only be presented at any age control.

* Check the tournament rules properly. (There are some changes from the Norwegian Football Association rules)

Contact details
Norway Cup need information about the team contact. REMEMBER that this person MUST be contactable during the tournament in case of changes to matches.

This is particularly important for teams who have not booked accommodation through Norway Cup. Clubs with multiple teams that have chosen different accommodation must ensure they let Norway Cup know how the main team contact can be reached.

Deadline for changes
Additional orders / amendments should be made by July 1. This applies to bookings of transport, registration of participant cards etc.

For any changes after this date please contact us on