Champions from China

The girls from Shanghai have been dominant throughout Norway Cup. In the final they got another big victory.

The girls from Shanghai visited Norway Cup for the first time this year, while final opponents Blindheim have been regulars in the top positions in recent years. And the Norwegians showed no fear in the opening seconds, immidiately getting a shot away – in the bar.

The team from China, however, upped their game as the match went by. Yajie Sun got a big chance one on one with Blindheim-goalkeeper Maria Kjøl, but #1 kept the ball out with a great save. But when Yajie Sun got her next chance, the youngest player on the pitch put the ball in the back of the net with a great shot.

Goals pouring

And now the Chinese really found their feet. Yajie Sun doubled the lead just after 1-0, before Feier Xia was played through on goal twice within two minutes. She finished clinically on both occations, to make the score 4-0.

Blindheim really struggled to keep Shanghai away during this period, but the Norwegians kept on fighting. But the Chinese were the stronger team and kept chasing the ball. This eventually resulted in the fifth goal, as a clearance from the defence hit Yani Wang and bounced onwards into the net.

The girls from Shanghai kept on pressing, and Yajie Sun almost got her hat trick before half time, but Blindheim’s Karoline Arnestad Olsen and Maria Kjøl did well to keep the ball out.

Sun Yajie scored two goals in the final and was really happy after the match.

Quick start

In the opening seconds of the second half, however, Blindheim seemed a little off the pace, as Shanghai found their way through the defence with some quick passes. A calm finish by Feier Xia made it 6-0.

This appearantly made Blindheim pick themselves up. The Norwegians were able to keep the ball for some time and push forward. The team from Shanghai still had the upper hand, but great defensive The Chinese girls eventually got another goal, when Huijun Ma put the ball behind Maria Kjøl from a thight angle.

BThe last goal of the match turned out to be a Blindheim-goal. Guro Hammer Røn made a long range attempt, and no one were able to stop the ball, as it ended up in the back of the net. This was the first goal conceded by Shanghai in the whole tournament.

First time

But the girls from Shanghai were the ones who celebrated at the final whistle. The girls recieved the Norway Cup throphy and celebrated with their Norwegian friendship team from Ørje.

– This is exciting! It is our first time participating in this tournament, and we are happy to win, captain Siqian Wang says.

As the team name indicates, the girls from Shanghai Meilong middle school go to school together, and they are training together every day.

– We have been working together for a logn time, and we keep getting better. Our high spirit and fighting is really important, Yajie Sun says.

Even though the girls from Shanghai have won all games by a good margin in Norway Cup, they were a bit nervous before the match.

– We trust each other, so when we got a couple of goals, we could play more relaxed, Wang and Sun says, before joining their teammates celebrating.


Match facts:

Blindheim IL – Shanghai Meilong middle school 1-7 (0-5)?
Final, class P, Girls 13 years, 7-a-side
Goals: 0-1: Yajie Sun. 0-2: Yajie Sun. 0-3: Feier Xia. 0-4 Feier Xia. 0-5: Yani Wang. 0-6: Feier Xia. 0-7: Huijun Ma. 1-7: Guro Hammer Røn.
Blindheim: Maria Kjøl, Astrid Fløtre, Josefine Farstad Bjerknes, Andrea Kornberg, Karoline Arnestad Olsen, Guro Hammer Røn, Thea Lausund Skarbøvik. Subs: Kine Tørlen, Marie Vik Hjelle og Thea Sperre Juul.
?Shanghai: Jiayi Zhou, Siqian Wang, Honglin Yi, Zhenzhu Liang, Chenxi Zhang, Feier Xia, Yajie Sun. Subs: Jiayi Shu, Yuxing Jiang, Huijun Ma, Qiuqiu Lu, Ziyi Huang, Yani Wang.
Referees: Hans Søfteland, Nedre Sigdal IF and Simon Andreas Laugsand, Byafossen IL.