Goals and glory in Celebrity Match

Wednesday it was time for the yearly celebrity match at Ekebergsletta, and hundreds of spectators had gathered at the main pitch to watch the big game.

The participating teams were MOT/Right To Play and Team Global Goals, led by politician Siv Jensen and Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Team Global Goals startet of as the best team and after only four minutes the Norwegian snowboarder Ståle Sandbech scored the first goal of the match after an assist from hockey player Mats Zuccarello. 0-1 to Team Global Goals.

MOT/Right To Play produced a few chances into the first half, but still it was Team Global Goals who had the most shots on target. After twelve minutes the Norwegian comedian Morten Ramm passed the ball to Zuccarello who scored the second goal for the Global Goals team. Just a few minutes later snowboarder Ståle Sandbech scores his second goal, making sure Team Global Goals had a great lead, 0-3, as the referee blew her whistle for half time.

Hockeyplayer Mats Zuccarello played a great match at Ekeberg.

Thomas Gass, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, made a speech during the break. He talked about how Norway Cup teaches kids and youth to show respect and play fair, and how to be global citizens. He also reminded the spectators of how we only have one planet, and it is important to take care of it.

– In football there will both be some winners and some loosers, but when it comes to saving the planet and humanity, we will all be either winners or loosers. So lets make sure that we all win together, Thomas Gass said.

Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations Thomas Gass, Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Secretary- General of Norway Cup Tony Isaksen at Ekeberg.

Second half started as exciting as the first half, and three minutes into the half Zuccarello passed the ball to comedian Morten Ramm who scored Team Global Goals’ forth goal. But the team still wasn’t happy with their achievement and only a few minutes later the Norwegian rapper Turab Awan scored another goal for Team Global Goals, leaving the score 0-5.

Now the Global Goals team relaxed a bit, giving MOT/Right To Play the chance to get som shots on target. With only six minutes left of the game, the Norwegian pop artists Christian Ingebrigtsen and Chris Holsten scores two goals and the score is now 2-5. Then again, in the last minute of the match, Christian Ingebrigtsen scores another goal just in time before the referee ends the game. Team Global Goals wins 3-5.

MOT/Right To Play celebrating their first goal
MOT/Right To Play celebration


Norway Cup ambassador

Mats Zuccarello, captain of Team Global Goals, was happy after the match.

– We had a great goal keeper, we all played well together and the spectators created a great atmosphere.  As a captain it’s fun to be a part of a team with a spirit like this, Zuccarello said.

The hockeyplayer claimed that his most important task as a captain was to make sure that all the players on his team had a great time, and he included all his teammates in the game. Recently Mats Zuccarello was appointed a Norway Cup ambassador, something he appreciates.

– I think it’s very nice to be granted the opportunity to be a Norway Cup ambassador. I played the tournament when I was younger, and it sure is a big deal to be a part of the worlds biggest football tournament for kids and youth, Zuccarello smiles.

Mats Zuccarello showed great sportsman ship as Team Global Goals’ captain


Satisfied with his own effort

Another celebrity who played a great match, and who also thought so him selves, was the Norwegian comedian Morten Ramm.

– I think this went really well, and I sure did a great job out there. I scored a goal and had a couple of assist, and also the minute I was taken of the pitch, the other team scored three goals. So the great defence I did as an attacker was important, Ramm claims.

Morten Ramm has been a part of the celebrity match a few times before and think it’s getting more fun every year. He loves football and the atmosphere at Norway Cup, and hopes he get to play the next years as well. Norwaycup.no asked if he was hoping for the role as captain next year, but Ramm didn’t think that would be a great idea.

– Oh no, I’m not a captain person, I’m the total opposite. I’m always the guy who gets furious and needs to be calmed down by all my teammates, Morten laughs.

Morten Ramm played well and showed great sportsman ship.
Ramm and Zuccarello played a great match.


Loves Norway Cup

The Norwegian rap duo Nico and Vinz (Nicolay «Nico» Sereba and Vincent «Vinz» Dery) were also present at the celebrity match, and even though Nico played for the loosing team, the boys enjoyed them selves.

– It was so much fun to play today. We both love football and to get the chance to play here at Norway Cup is perfect, Nico said.

Rap artists Nico and Turab Awan

Nico played for the MOT/Right To Play team, and did a great job, while Vinz did some other important work.

– Yeah, I made sure we got everything on instagram. It’s important to follow up on social media, Vinz smiled.

In the near future the rap duo has different plans. Their releasing new music and going on a tour in Norway, New Zealand and some other places. At the opening consert of Norway Cup they lauched a big competition on their instagram profile, @nicoandvinz, where everyone can vote for the town or city they want them to performe. The place who gets the most votes will get a free consert, no matter where in the world it is.

– It’s so great that so many people have voted, and the competition is still running until Sunday. We’re so excited to see where we will be playing and we guess it will be a consert with great atmosphere and a lot of fans, Vinz says.

Nico and Vinz having fun at Norway Cup


Text: Lina Mellem Enoksen

Photo: Fabian Stratenschulte and Helene Thomsgård


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