Brazilian shootout victory

A penalty shootout was needed to separate the teams in the boys’ junior class. Eventually Brazilian Rio Bancario were the ones to celebrate.

Hallingdal’s junior team have came close to victory in Norway Cup several times en recent years, but they were still waiting for the top spot going into today’s final against Futuro Rio Bancario from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

However, things looked good for the Norwegians in the first half. After some close opening minutes, captain Jesper Taaje gave Hallingdal the lead half way through the first half. Ahmed Ahmed delivered a beautiful cross from the right, and Taaje put the ball in the back of the net with a strong header.

juniorfinale1The Brazilians tried to hit right back, but the Hallingdal defense made a solid performance, and chances were few and far between. By half time Hallingdal still were 1-0 up.

Futuro Rio Bancario started the second half on the front foot, but they did not manage to put a lot of pressure on the strong Hallingdal defense. Left back Freitas got the best chance when he got the ball in space inside Hallingdal’s box. However, his finish let him down.

Hallingdal also came close to scoring on a counter attack, as Alfred Scriven laid the ball off to Mohammad Alkabra, but Alkabra’s shot was not good enough to trouble goalkeeper Felipe.

In stead, the Brazilians got their euqualizer. Goalscorer Jesper Taaje for once made a mistimed tackle and brought down Yan inside the penalty area. Luchinas made no mistake from the spot, and the teams were all square. Just before full time the Brazilians even got a big opportunity to make it 2-1, but goalkeeper Per Oskar Stave made a great save.

juniorfinale2That meant the game went to extra time, in which none of the teams created any chances. The game was to be deciede by penalty shootout. It all seemed to be over as Alfred Scriven missed Hallingdal’s fifth penalty, but the spot kick had to be retaken, and this time Scriven made no mistake.

A couple of penalties later the winner was decided. Goalkeeper Felipe made a decisive save from Markus Thorberg’s penalty, and the Brazilians could celebrate their victory. Hallingdal, however, need to wait another year for a new chance to win Norway Cup.

Match report:

Futuro Rio Bancario – Hallingdal 1-1 (0-1). 7-6 after penalty shootout.

Goals: 0-1: Jesper Taaje. 1-1: Claudio Lucas Moraes Ferreira dos Santos («Luchinas»)

Yellow cards: Tutu (Futuro Rio Bancario) and Steffen Haugstad (Hallingdal)

Futuro Rio Bancarios: Luiz Felipe Freixo («Felipe»), Victor Lopes de Freitas («Freitas»), Gleiciano Pimenta Gomes («Gomes»), Pedro Henrique Martin de Lima («Pedrinho»), Jacson Alves da Silva («Jacson»), Claudio Lucas Moraes Ferreira dos Santos («Luchinas»), Gleidson Bernardo Pinheiro («Gleidson»), Marcus Nunes da Silva («Tutu»), Gustavo Clarinda da Silva («Guga»), Igor da Silva Martins («Martins»), Rodrigo Rodrigues de Souza («Love»).
Reserver: Matheus Alves da Hora («Da Hora»), Pedro Luiz Monteiro Garcia («Kaká»), Pablo Henrique Cerqueira Batista da Silva («Pablo»), Igor Ribeiro Vale Guimaraes («Magrão»), Lucas Araujo Souza («Lucas»), Yan Abreu de Oliveira («Yan»), Rafael Rodrigues de Souza Paternini («Paternini»), Renato da Silva («Renathino»)

Hallingdal FK: Per Oskar Stave, Carl Linus Hedlund, Jesper Taaje, Anders Mastrup, Mikkel Storeskar, Markus Thorberg, August Fosse, Steffen Haugstad, Jonas Bergane, Ahmed Ahmed, Alfred Richard Scriven.
Reserver: Magnus Magnetun Bækken, Kristian Svenkerud, Chris Magnetun, Gjermund Kvarteig, Jørgen Hesla Berget, Paul Olav Brevig, Mohammed Ibrahim Alkabra, Tobias Grangård.

Ian Macguinness (Stockport, England), Mattias Sæfvestad (Buøy IL, Rogaland fotballkrets), Martin Knudsen (Tertnes Fotball, Hordaland fotballkrets), Tom Knight (Mansfield, England).

Man of the match: Markus Thorberg (Hallingdal)

By: Magne Mellem Enoksen