Brage Trondenes FK looking forward to football, new opponents and plenty of fun at the Norway Cup

Girls team Brage Trondenes traveling all the way from Harstad to participate in this summer’s tournament.

Svein Kristian Løtveit and Espen Bornø says:

1: Why do you choose NC?
1: Norway Cup is the one of the biggest tournaments for Underage football and something that players have heard about since they started playing football. Previously, the girls had Piteå Summer Games as the big goal for the season, and this year we will go to this tournament. But it has long been decided that one year should turn on to a bigger internasjonl tournament, and this year they were ready for it. The girls could choose tournament and a unanimous choice went in favor of Norway Cup. Norway Cup is something new and exciting and no doubt something that becomes an experience of a lifetime. Finally it is our turn to participate in Norway Cup!

2: What are the ambitions with Norway Cup 2016? Win?
2: Hard to put something specific location as a destination. The focus is more on creating great achievements and then get the rest come as a result of this. And so it is important to create experiences that make the girls happy with football and that we keep them active with their sport as long as possible.

3: What pleases you most to Norway Cup 2016?
3: Good football, new opponents, sun (hopefully) and lots of fun on and off the field.

You can enroll your team for this summer’s football party