Behind the scenes – an insight into the job as Secretary General

Have you ever wondered what it takes to organize Norway Cup – the world’s biggest football tournament for children and young people? To put together a week filled with football, fun and friendship, staff and volunteers put in thousands of hours before, during and after the tournament.

We will over the next couple of months give you an insight into the roles of some of those who work every year to give thousands of children and young people an amazing experience at Norway Cup! We’re kicking it off with the boss and have had a chat with Bækkelaget Sports Club / Norway Cup’s Secretary General Tony Isaksen about his workday.

What do you do in your role as General Secretary of Bækkelagets Sportklub and Norway Cup?

“I work to promote the Bækkelagets Sportsklub and Norway Cup’s interests, both sport-wise and administratively.

“This means managing our administration, implementing decisions made in the club’s governing bodies, strategy work and contact with municipal and government agencies. In addition, I am responsible for our communication with authorities, federations and other clubs, as well as internal / external communication, financial management and the recruitment of employees and volunteers.

“I also oversee the planning, organising and running of Norway Cup with all that comes with it.

“In addition, I follow up, and oversee, on the club’s facilities and property, including the running of these. I also make sure we continue to develop the club’s marketing efforts and our sports and training philosophy, along with much more.”

Tony, who previously led the Sports Club Vidar and Oslo Marathon, has been working for the Norway Cup since Easter 2015.

What is the most challenging aspects of your job as Secretary General?

“The complexity of the various aspects of my job is very exciting, but challenging. However, the most challenging aspect of my job is probably making sure everyone pulls together and work towards the same goal – making Bækkelaget Sports Club one of Norway’s most attractive sports clubs, as well as continuing to develop Norway Cup in line with an ever-changing society. ”

And the best thing about working for the world’s biggest football tournament for children and young people?

“I get to work with the world’s best volunteers and it is very rewarding to see lots of happy children and adults, and the impact Norway Cup has on society. “