«Behind the scenes» – a peak into the role of Crew Manager for Norway Cup

We continue our «behind the scenes» series and this time it’s time to have a chat with our crew manager, Kai Frydenlund-Holm.

Kai, who works as a volunteer for Norway Cup and work for Norwegian bank DNB in his day-to-day job, has volunteered for Norway Cup every year since it started in 1972. Kai started his volunteering career with Norway Cup as an errand boy, picking up results from the playing fields and delivering them in the secretariat.

Over the past 45 years, since his job as an errand boy, Kai has filled a number of roles in Norway Cup. He has been responsible for the volunteers in the food hall, been responsible for the info desk, led the kitchen in the secretariat and been responsible for restocking all the kiosks, before taking over as Crew Manager in 1987.

What does the job as Crew Manager involve?  

As Crew Manager I’m responsible for all crew, including our youngest ones in the litter pick-up service. My team support all the departments in Norway Cup and make sure they all have enough people working in the jobs, and at the times, that they need volunteers.

My job also includes finding volunteers who can work during the tournament, including organising them so that all jobs and tasks are covered. It is also my job to assign the volunteers to different departments and shifts.

Most of this work is done in May and June. However, the main planning is done throughout the year, including organising gifts for all 1600 volunteers and providing reports on number of volunteers, the shifts they’ve worked and number of hours worked to the board.

What are the most challenging parts of your job?

The most challenging part of my job is managing to find all 1600 volunteers we need and managing to assign them to the right job and the right shifts.

And the best thing about working for Norway Cup?

The best thing about working for Norway Cup is the friendships you make with all the volunteers. You meet some of them only this week, but everyone are friends and it often feels like you’ve known them your whole life. You also get to meet people that become your friends outside of that one week!

I’m also very proud to be a part of organising the world’s largest and best football tournament for children and youth in my own local area. Seeing that much joy, unity and friendships throughout the week makes all the long hours and hard work planning the tournament worth it!