Referees and observers at Norway Cup

Norway Cup is the world’s largest football tournament for children and youths. Players are from 10 – 19 years of age with teams from all over the world.

The athletic achievements and the joy of sports that the teams show make the tournament a great place to be. Norway Cup started in 1972 with 420 teams and has grown throughout the years. In 2016 Norway Cup reached an all-time high level of teams with 2199 teams participating.

The matches are played at Ekeberg fields and on other fields in near vicinity to Ekeberg. We invite referees to a pleasant stay at Ekeberg. If you are under the age of 18 please enclose a parental confirmation that you may participate in the tournament. You have to be an active referee or observer in your country to be selected.

Assignments for referees and observers in Norway Cup
We are in need of approximately 430 referees and 70 observers. The program consists of refereeing 3 – 5 games a day, either as a referee or as an assistant referee. An observer normally has the same number off assignments. We divide the referees into groups, thus enabling us to get the right referee for the right game. We range the referees according to what division or level they are refereeing at.

All games are important and it will therefore also be many interesting assignments for referees joining us for the first time. For 11 a-side football we utilize authorized county referees.

Inexperienced referees and club referees will mainly be given 7 a-side matches. Although we make this selection, the referees compete to referee games in the play-offs and finals in the classes they have refereed within.

Bonus for refereeing in Norway Cup
Norway Cup offers you the opportunity to develop as a referee. You will be given many interesting assignments and we have a very skilled observer team that will guide you. The matches in Norway Cup offer many challenges that you will not normally come across. Foreign teams from several continents provide a challenge, from the sporty point of view. You will enjoy yourself both off and on the fields. The outcome should be a very exciting week. Refereeing in Norway Cup will not make you rich, but a pleasant fee will be paid for each match.

The referees and observers live in a school in close vicinity to the Ekeberg fields. In the school you are accommodated in dormitories. You will be given a cot and a mattress and all the meals will be served at the school. You will only need to bring your referee equipment, personal clothing and sleeping bag, as well as toilet articles. There are safety boxes at the school where you can place your valuables instead of having it easy accessible in the class room or on the fields.


Foreign referees and observers should register through:
Great Britain: –
Other countries: REFEX, norwaycup@refex.org

For you service we have installed a specific email address. So emails will always automatically go to those in the REFEX-team that are in charge of Norway Cup.

The Norway Cup referee team have their own website where you can find useful information: