A unique friendly match

Tuesday a unique friendly match was played at Ekeberg. Norway Cup focus on friendship, and that`s the reason why they hosted this match where friendship and fairplay were the most important thing.

The friendly match was played between Norway and The World. The Norwegian team consisted of Norway Cup-participants from different Norwegian clubs, and The World team this year consisted by members from twelve different countries. Joachim Walltin, former soccer player for the Norwegian teams Brann, Vålerenga and Trømsø and Peter Werni, previous LSK-and Ålesund player where coaching the teams.

The World having a talk about tactics
Great speed and tecnique from ceveral players
Great speed and tecnique from ceveral players

Already in the first half, The World got the upper hand and quickly scored two goals. Twelve minutes into the first half, Norway caught up with The World and the match was played more even, but Norway never scored any goals. The sun was shining and hundreds of cheering spectators enjoyed the match.

The second half was evenly played, but after some back and forth The World scores another three goals. The match comes to an end, leaving The World with a 5-0 victory.

The World celebrating a goal
The World celebrating a goal

Even tough Norway lost the game, the players where happy.

– It`s fun to play against international players. They have completely different way to play and they have a good physic, says Samuel Skree Skjeldal (13) from Odd BK, player number 5 on the Norwegian team.

Skjeldal add that friendship is an important key to win games and get good results.

Samuel watching the game from the sideline

Sofie Shauge Schütz (14) plays for Sædalen girls 14, and this year she was selected to play for Norway in the friendly match.

– To play in a match like this is very funny and exciting, because you don’t know anyone. We met for the first time this morning, says Sofie (14).

The fact that the players met for the first time today, shouldn’t be a problem, Sofie claims.

– We support one another, which will result in better play. In a team, friendship is important, the young girl says.

Sofie enjoyed playing for Norway in the friendly match at Ekebergsletta


Text/Photo: Helene Thomsgård og Lina Mellem Enoksen