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Clean a beach and win an environmental grant


Clean a beach and win an environmental grant

Are you going to the Norway Cup in 2018? You now have the opportunity to win a NOK 15,000 scholarship by participating in our beach cleanup competition! 10 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, and 80% of this originates from land waste. Every year millions of seabirds, fish and mammals are [...]

Nobel Peace Center

Through our participant cards you have the opportunity to explore several of Oslo's famous sights for free. One of the museums that is open for our participants to explore is the Nobel Peace Center. The Nobel Peace Center is the museum about the Nobel Peace Prize. Learn about the Peace Prize laureates and their work, [...]

International Women’s Day – Norway Cup is celebrating Norwegian women’s football stagnate

Happy International Women’s Day! Today we’re looking at inspirational women and don’t have to look any further than our very own “grandma”, Rigmor Andresen. Rigmor (95) has over the years worked to highlight women’s football in Norway, and is the sole reason for girls being allowed to take part in Norway Cup from the start [...]

South African team, Super Lucky Star, are joining Norway Cup for the first time!

Super Lucky Star, who are situated about 20 kilometres outside Cape Town in the Southern Suburbs, are for the first time ever travelling outside of Cape Town this summer. The team are joining thousands of other players at Norway Cup in July. Super Lucy Star FC was established in 2017 as young boys wanted to [...]

Social happening for team leaders under Norway Cup 2018

We couldn’t organise Norway Cup without all you amazing team leaders and coaches who bring their players to Oslo – and we want to make sure we give something back! As a thank you for all your hard work, we’re organising a social event for team leaders and coaches in the centre of Oslo. This [...]

WA Wissam Football Academy are travelling 3410km to join Norway Cup

Three boys’ teams from WA Wissam Football Academy are travelling a staggering 3410km from Beirut to Oslo to join us at this year’s Norway Cup. This is the fourth time the club are bringing teams to Oslo and the world’s largest football tournament, Norway Cup. About their participation, their coach says: “We’ve chosen to participate [...]

Lizzy FC from Ghana are joining us in Oslo this summer

Lizzy Football Club from Ghana are joining us for the 3rd year in a row in 2018. Lizzy Football Club is based in East Legon, Accra, the capital city of Ghana. It was founded in 2010 by Ghanaian born former France International and World Cup winner Marcel Desailly. Marcel played for Nantes and Marseille in [...]

Do you need a mattress/sleeping bag during Norway Cup?

Are you staying at a school during this year's Norway Cup? If you'd like to sleep comfortable, but don't want to bring with you mattresses and sleeping bags, then you can buy this through us. Prices: Blow-up mattress: NOK 299 Sleeping bag: NOK 150 Mattress and sleeping bag: NOK 399 You can place your order [...]

Brooklyn based club, Gjøa, is coming back to their roots and attending Norway Cup

SC Gjøa, from Brooklyn in New York, is bringing 6 teams to Oslo for this year's Norway Cup. The Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen is best known as the first man to reach the South Pole. But his initial fame came in 1906, when he and his crew became the first to sail from the Atlantic [...]

Remyra Girls 04 are taking part in Norway Cup this summer

The girls, who have played together since the 2nd grade, play handball in the winter and football in the summer, and are now planning to take part in the world's biggest football tournament, Norway Cup. The girls take part in one big cup each year - alternating between handball and football tournaments. This year, football [...]